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Thursday, February 27, 2014  


My Dear Readers, Followers and Supporters,

As I look back on my blog history, I am amused and occasionally embarrassed by my own point of view.  There is, however, a lot to be said for passion. I have been passionate about the older woman and all her issues since I turned 60, well into my "middle age".

Today, however, brings me to a new point in my journey. Since I have passed the fifty and sixty milestones in my life, it feels like the right time to create a new conversation.  Two years ago, I turned seventy. YIKES!!  This brings up a whole new set of issues and things to discuss, does it not? Seventy is not included when we refer to "middle age". No, indeed!  I have entered the mysterious "end of the line" in terms of any reasonable expectations for a youthful existence.  Not so, my darlings! Being
"elderly" is not the end of anything.

Perhaps this is the right time to announce to you, my dear readers and fans, that I am preparing a new book in partnership with my fiance, Nick Nickolas.  Its title is Sexy At Any Age. In the near future you will find a new website, with new information and new subjects open for conversation. consideration and hopefully, a few laughs.  Until then, I'd like to invite every one of you to visit our preliminary page on Facebook:  SexyAtAnyAge.  Give us a "like"!

This will be my last blog here on this website, but I'm hoping every one of you who reads this will join me and Nick Nickolas soon at so we can pick up our new conversation. We're going to redefine what it means to be sexy at seventy! I look forward to our future!

Sunday, July 14, 2013  


My friends all ask the same question.  For openers, being 70 is one of the ways you know.  DIG:  A 70-year old can look back on life (got LOTS of decades to examine) and compare it to everything else they have already experienced.  How does it rank?  If you can tell yourself it doesns't feel like anyting you've ever felt before, you have either been bitten by a pesky flying pest, or you are in love!

It's not at all like marrying someone because you get along well and feel "comfortable" with each other.  It's about how "UNcomfortable" every moment is without being in his presence.  The loss is brief when he merely steps out of the room, but no less profound than a whole excruciating day of his absence.

Friday, June 14, 2013  


I couldn't help but notice that it has been seven months since I last posted in this column. I know why,
of course, and that is that I have been, like many of you, SO completely turned off by the ongoing
mean-spirited atmosphere that politics has taken in our beloved country.

I have NEVER, in my seventy years, seen such a display of disrespect, and downright shocking
and outrageous attacks being made on our President.  The lies and innuendos, not to mention the thinly
veiled racist motivated things being said, make me wonder how and why this is being tolerated.

I am old enough to remember when Senators and Congressmen were able to show respect and
decorum when dealing with and referring to each other, even when there was disagreement and a
fundamental difference between each of them.  This, unfortunately, is no longer true and it is a
shocking state of affairs.  It is truly shameful and beneath the dignity of their positions.  Worst of
all, it is no secret that the citizen and what might be good or advantageous to all citizens, is no
longer the criteria for our Representatives.  This is contrary to everything we expect when we
cast our vote.

Your vote is your voice.  If you don't like what you hear or see, you have the power to change
it.  It's your responsibility as a citizen to make sure that the people you send to Washington are
there to speak for YOU.

Friday, November 30, 2012  


OK, so it's not the first time that I didn't win the Lotto.  And I'm not really that bitter about not winning, but there IS something that does upset me.  It's the fact that there are NO STANDARDS for winning.  I mean, shouldn't there be some sort of criteria for how one plans to spend that money?  For instance,  one of the guys who won the several hundred million jackpot wears an orange jumpsuit  to work.  Pardon my prejudice, but I have a feeling I could put that money to use, serving my style, my instinct for perfection, my need for the best. I know where the good jewelry lives, where the impossibly huge
homes are built and where the great vacations take place.  Maybe this is a new profession in the making:
LOTTERY CONSULTANTS, INC.  Our Motto:  Let me show you how to unload all that cash!

Saturday, November 03, 2012  


According to  MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE, the way a woman walks is one of the top four reasons a man falls in love with her.  This is validation of a theme I express to women.  The way you carry yourself says
everything about you. An older woman who can keep her back and shoulders straight gives off an aura of
confidence, something men find irresistible.  After all, what can possibly be more alluring than a woman who is comfortable in her skin and knows who she is.  A woman who is unsure of herself will often round her shoulders and allow the spine and stomach to slump. This is the posture that will lead to that pesky and unsexy hump that might then grow on her back.  Ladies, that is one hump you DON'T want.

Here's your new mantra:  NO SLUMP, NO HUMP. Start your day by lining up your back and shoulders.
Put yourself against the wall, first the heels, then the tush, followed by the shoulders and the head. Stay
there for at least 30 seconds, breathing deeply. When you have the feeling of being in line with yourself, walk forward, remembering how it feels to be straight so that you can return to that alignment anytime
during the day that you notice yourself slumping.

Check out your profile in the mirror before and after. Notice how flat your stomach looks when you are
in line. That alone should cure you from slumping. Just think! You can look five to ten pounds lighter
just by standing up straight. That's how easy it is. Throw that newly found confidence into your walk
and take note of how you are being noticed.

Thursday, October 25, 2012  


I know for a fact that I have some male readers and followers and I thank each of you for your bravery and indulgence. In this moment, I am speaking, no, pleading with my women readers to give some consideration to your responsibility as a woman to help and support each other. Right now, that package of support comes in the form of your vote.

Ladies, our equal rights, which we fought so long and hard to earn, are threatened here and now in the twenty-first century. We are on the brink of an election which could end up costing you the right to make your own choices regarding your body and your decision to have or not to have a child.  Are you ready to allow the men in Congress to decide for you?

The Republican candidates are poised to put women back "in their place", and we know just what they mean by that. You will see the end of equal pay for equal work. Worse even, is allowing them to legislate their religious beliefs to include us all. This is not the Republican party I remember, but nevertheless, these men are their candidates.

I urge you to vote for our President. He believes in you and your right to choose for yourself. He wants you to be the best version of yourself.   The version you want to be. It's your right to make that choice. It's your responsibility to cast your vote.

Monday, October 01, 2012  


OK, so another certified member of the Tiger Woods Bad Husband Club,  our ex-Governor/movie star/weightlifter, Arnold Schwartzenegger.  Clearly, his biceps are not the only muscle he likes to flex in public.  Not that his wife hasn't already suffered enough humiliation when the story surfaced that Arnold fathered a child with the family Housekeeper, but now he has written a book all about that and his numerous other infidelities, including the names of the women who participated in the ongoing betrayal
of his wife and family. The shock on Leslie Stahl's face was obvious as he smugly admitted all of the above, passing it off with a shrug and the staggering justification "I'm not perfect" .  I'm sure he was paid
handsomely for this admission, all of which makes him just plain CREEPY.

I have a theory that men never really come all-the-way-clean when they are confessing. For instance if a
man says he had an affair, he probably had three or five affairs.  And if he says he had five affairs, it's more likely that he had fifteen or every twenty affairs.  In any case, you can be relatively certain that you are
never going to hear the full blown version of his secret.  So when my husband David confessed to having
had "hundreds"  of affairs, I found myself wondering what is the full-blown version of THAT??  I guess
there are just some things you don't want to know.

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