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Wednesday, May 31, 2006  

Revenge of the Older Woman

So now we know the truth....that it is entirely possible for a woman over 40 to find love, romance, and yes, even marriage. The fact that this lie was not only delivered to the general public, but believed by most, is just another indication that the older woman has been thought of as an obsolete human being for decades. The Baby Boomer is proof positive that old (pardon the expression) stereotypes no longer apply to our generation of active, productive, youthful, fit, sexy and glamorous women. There are lots of husbands, lovers, admirers, companions and suitors out there if she wants one. As we are on the brink of perhaps electing a woman president, it's the perfect time to acknowledge that this is no longer a man's world. We will not be marched off to the rocking chairs in our practical shoes left to knit and nap for the rest of our days. We are Boomer Babes!!!

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