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Saturday, June 17, 2006  

Starting Young

I met a young woman in her thirties yesterday who was assigned to take my photograph for a local magazine. We talked as she was setting up her equipment and I learned that she recently lost 30 lbs. She went on to say that she lost the weight by working out and training for a marathon. She was truly amazed at how the weight loss affected her feelings about herself, and, even more amazed at how it affected other people's feelings toward her. She noticed a dramatic change in her self esteem. Suddenly, she said, it seems that people are drawn to her in a way she has never experienced before. She's offered more dates than she can accept. Her social life has come alive! It's clear that a healthy self esteem will enhance a life no mattere what age. And that self-esteem is as accessible as a run in the park. My young friend validated my theory that one's interior strength can originate from the exterior effort of excercise and working out. What a gift to be navigating through the early decades of life confidently and securely. I assured her that her future would be longer, smarter, healthier, and all around better!

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