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Tuesday, August 15, 2006  


I was on the Today Show two weeks ago, and the conversation was about how the business community is beginning to skew itself toward the older woman. Duh! Where have they been? It appears that Wall Street has finally figured out that the older woman has a purse. And that purse has a trillion dollars in it! I made the point that we, as a country, are giving some serious thought to electing a woman to be president. That woman is not going to be a thirty-year-old. There's a good reason for that. She just doesn't know enough yet. Wisdom and confidence only come with the chronology of a long life. Is it fair to have to trade perky breasts for wisdom and confidence? Who would think twice? A man behind the camera said he would vote for Hilary Clinton if her ass wasn't so big. Then, there's the male point of view. When is it that men actually grow up??

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