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Saturday, September 09, 2006  


Do you remember the girl in high school that was unanimously considered "beautiful"? She was practically mute because her looks were so devastatingly perfect she didn't need to actually do anything to enhance her impact. The rest of us had to become cheerleaders and thespians and learn to depend on our "personalities" to earn our share of The Light. Every time my mother told me that "Beauty is only skin deep", I walked away thinking how amazingly out of touch she was with the real world. We live in a culture that equates beauty with youth. We have only recently begun to entertain the notion that women over 40 can still be considered pretty and sexually viable. It turns out Mom was right after all. It is all about the skin. The very evidence of youthful beauty betrays us, one and all. Except for the skin, many older people could continue to be perceived as much younger. But life has enlightened us to accept the changes Mother Nature has served up in this Third Act of Life. The skin has become only the wrapper that encloses a spirit that has sampled life in all its extremes. When we refer to the "Seasoned Woman", this is what we mean: a woman who has experienced the joys and the tragedies of living and loving. Further, any woman who has raised a child gets life in a way no other woman can. So, how does a woman over 50 maintain her allure and sex appeal in a world that appears to be fixated and preoccupied with shapely young pole-dancing girls who are willing to shed their clothes and shake their fronts and behinds for anyone with with a camera? The answer, in a word, is Attitude!!!! Depak Chopra says we are what we think. So don't think about the things that make you bitter and angry. It puts a scowl on your face. And so what if your eyebrows have relocated to your chin. Get a better tweezers and remind yourself that you are smarter now than you have ever been in your life. Yes, your tush is starting to drift down the back of your legs, but you are a wise and confident woman comfortable in her skin! If you feel like a sexy woman, then you are one. Now, get out there and flaunt it!

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