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Thursday, November 09, 2006  


I've just returned from Arizona, where my family and I laid my father to rest, the final event in his 86 years of life. The lesson of Death is always the same: LIVE EVERY DAY AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST. My father provided another message through the way he chose to live his life, and that message rings true to me now even more, perhaps, than ever before. If I had to come up with a motto for this man's life, it would be "It's never too late to start again". Some people tend to calculate their options based solely on the chronology of their age. That is what i like to call "Faulty Thinking". Everything is possible at all times. The only requirements for a new beginning are Opportunity and Commitment. Take this opportunity, in this moment, to start again, in some small way, to renew your commitment to LIFE. Say those "I love you"'s, make that call, give that compliment. It all comes back to you. Anyway, at the end of every life, the only thing that will matter is how well you loved.

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