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Thursday, December 20, 2007  


Well, I'm just mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. I can't remember a presidential campaign that ever concerned itself with how a candidate would age. What male politician has ever been criticized for wearing suits? Or having big thighs? I'm wondering why Hilary Clinton is being held to a criteria that is not imposed on any of the men running for president. Instead of asking the question why this woman would choose to stay with the man she loves, why aren't we asking Rudy Guiliani why he can't stay married? Why does a woman need to be twice as good as any man who wants the same job? Why was our current president not judged by his intelligence? According to the polls, Hilary is believed to be smart enough to be president, but not likeable enough. Shouldn't we be re-thinking that equation at this point? To me, "Dubya" isn't smart OR likeable, and his swaggering cowboy style has done more harm than good. A careful and thoughtful, smart, confident, committed, unintimidated woman is just too much for the Boys Club. She's not the kind of hypocrite that would vote against gay rights and then make passes at other women in a public restroom, then lie about it, looking into our collective national eyes. Tacky enough? When we say we want a change, we mean gender, as well as style. The phrase "Male Chauvanist Pig" went out of style a few decades ago. I think it might be time to revive it.

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