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Thursday, December 06, 2007  


Recently, I watched an episode of 30 ROCK, in which the Tina Fey character makes a date with the young man who delivers the coffee. A Tadpole in his middle twenties. There was lots of banter about how she qualifies to be a "Cougar". "Cougar" has become the name applied to older women who seek the company of younger men. Most of us are aware of the cougar as a predatory animal who sneaks up on their prey, pounces out of nowhere and devours the unsuspecting younger, weaker object of their hunger. Not a pretty picture. Neither is the older woman who tarts herself up in short skirts and low-cut tops and spends evenings cruising the bar scene, hunting and drinking. On the other hand, we have the kinder, gentler, Tadpoler: an older woman who does not give off the scent of desperation, but who is simply open to other possibilities. She does not require a closet full of young corpses, but is happy to share herself with young men who appreciate her wisdom and confidence, her knowlege of life and it's mysteries. It's a relationship. Not a conquest. Or a notch on one's belt. Tadpole relationships can be mutually beneficial, without making either party feel ashamed or embarrassed. Oh no, quite the contrary. Don't forget, ladies, make sure his mother is older than you are!

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