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Friday, February 20, 2009  


The Los Angeles Times reports that 39% of American men between the ages of 75 and 85 are sexually active. More than half of those have sex at least twice a month. A quarter of them do it every week. Why does it not surprise me that men tend to follow that little brain of theirs around for the sum total of their whole lives. Only 17% of women in that age group are sexually active. Age should place no limits on one's appetite or prowess in bed. Limitations seem to come only in the form of health issues, medication side effects and ahem, may I say this ever so delicately, a lack of steady partners.

40% of the men 75-85 complain of serious erectile problems. Would I be TOO wrong to suggest that men are more likely to judge the quality of their life in terms of how much sex they're getting on a regular basis? Isn't that how they judged their lives when they were adolescent?? Now, of course, they have the added benefit of Viagra, which lands in the crotch like the proverbial Cavalry. The current studies indicate that Viagra can cause blindness AND deafness. Apparently, however, there is no risk too great for men who need a little boost in the bed. The fact that we may be left with a whole generation of men who can't see or hear, but have raging erections around the clock, does not appear to have any affect on the sale of Viagra.

Among 75-85 year olds, 8 in 10 men have a steady partner, but only 4 in 10 women do. Women outlive men and men tend to pair up with younger women. What is a hot, fabulous older woman to do?? Start behaving like a man, that's what!! Women need to get aggressive about finding lovers.

Finally, men are not the only ones with a little artificial help in the bedroom. There's a new way for women to freshen up their equipment. And she doesn't have to make her lover wait for the Cavalry to arrive, either. You could knit a sock waiting for that Viagra to kick in, right? There's a healthy alternative for a woman's sexual well-being and it's called Vaginal Rejuvenation. If I may be allowed to stretch a metaphor a bit, it's kind of like redecorating your bedroom. A doctor near you is ready to amplify your G-spot and enhance sexual arousal and gratification. Why should men be having all the fun when the Cavalry is only just a phone call away.

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