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Friday, November 27, 2009  


There was a small cluster of popular music awards shows recently and I usually enjoy watching for numerous reasons. Mostly, I'm a music junkie. I also like to know who is out there and what they're about. Mercy! Is it my age that makes me feel a bit shocked, or just that, in general, people looking to bring attention to themselves have lost all sense of reality and decorum.

Beautiful women who are competent singers (Jennifer Lopez, for instance) have taken to performing in costumes that are so much like underwear. They strut around, thrusting their collective pelvis, dressing and undressing on stage, looking mean and angry, and chanting, more than singing, some of the most specific suggestive and sexual lyrics I've heard since Belle Barth was recording.

Everyone seems to want to be the Bad Girl. Except Taylor Swift. It can't be too difficult to see the difference between her presentation of herself and say, "Lady GaGa", who was nominated in the same category, Artist of The Year. If you haven't seen "Lady GaGa", I suggest it only for the opportunity to understand what has become accepted demeanor on television. She likes to create the illusion of nudity as a backdrop for her bumping and grinding, sometimes wearing elaborate masks, and delivering lyrics that can make your jaw drop (if you can understand them, of course).

Thank the musical gods, or Clive Davis, or whoever is in charge, that young girls are offered an alternative model for how to successfully communicate one's message without betraying her own sense of modesty and good taste. Taylor Swift is no less talented or ambitious than the best of them, but so far, doesn't seem willing to trade her self respect for her success. Nor does there appear to be any need for her to do so. She sold more records this year than ANYONE ELSE. She is lovely, sweet, alluring and endearing, humble and impressively talented. a star who stands alone, fully clothed.

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