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Monday, December 07, 2009  


It's hard not to write about Tiger Woods, although I'm a bit disappointed about what's happened to him and his wife. A lot of people think that this is about another man who is unable to be faithful. In my book, I express the opinion that men who are monogamous are as rare as hen's teeth. Further, there has been some research that man is biologically incapable of monogamy. The penguin has always been the symbol of animal fidelity, but even the penguin is monogamous only during the season of mating and birth. Next season, it's a different penguin.

Having been married to someone who was famous for a while when he was younger, I have an understanding about the role that celebrity plays when a husband begins to have a secret life. The way most of us judge a situation like Tiger's is to assess the value of the wife as the reason to justify, or not justify, his behavior. He loses that point in this case. She couldn't be more beautiful, has delivered two extraordinarily beautiful children to him and makes the appearance of a supportive devoted wife. And yet, one of the extra-marital affairs began 31 months ago, lasting almost the sum total of the marriage. The pictures I have seen of these willing paramours make them all of a similar type. All of them white, all of them blonde, all of them ambitious. Just take note of how willing they have been to expose his emails, phone messages, and their own photographs. These girls are all ready for their fifteen minutes. Did he really believe they wouldn't squeal on him and cash in on the badge of honor they get from their little circle of friends and fellow bottom feeders of the media?

To me, the culprit is really Tiger's celebrity. It's hard for some people to imagine how extremely seductive and heady fame really is. Here's Tiger, one of the most admired, successful athletes the world has known. In his chosen sport, he has rewritten the book. Shouldn't that be enough to keep him happy? How does the man avoid feeling omnipotent when he is a legend in his own time. How does the mortal man fill his own shoes? Not easily when his feet are made of clay.

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