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Sunday, December 27, 2009  


Now that the Tiger Woods scandal has cooled down a little bit, I've been able to take another look at the big picture, only to find that there were some very obvious signs that this mess was inevitable and none of us saw it coming.

Take for instance the absolute overkill of sexual innuendo in the game of golf itself. All these golfers ever talk about are holes and balls and shafts and strokes. They're all worked up and lathering by the time they get to the first tee. Even the people who sponsor the game say things like "Just do it!" (Nike) and "It's in you" (Gatorade). The sexual impulse is enforced and validated at every turn.

Then, when you take note of the man's name.....Tiger Woods, well, it's practically redundant all by itself. His destiny was claimed when his birth certificate was written. And frankly, who wouldn't want a boyfriend with the name of Tiger Woods. Maybe, in the end, it's his parents who are to blame.

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