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Sunday, January 17, 2010  


When I first heard that Susan Sarandon and her younger lover, Tim Robbins, had split up, I could hardly suppress the gloat that immediately came over me like a warm blanket. How long I've waited for my little bit of revenge!

Having had the benefit of reading my ex-husband's version of their sexual encounter in his autobiography, my first impulse was to contact his current wife and give her fair warning that the cat/woman is back on the street. But wait! Isn't my ex-husband way out of age range for the predator, Ms. Sarandon? He was young and cute when she brazenly seduced the man right under my nose. We were married, of course. She doesn't mind that at all. It was her pleasure to pick and choose the man of the moment, his marital status notwithstanding. Now she has a reputation to fulfill. The new man must be young.

When one reviews the list of her male co-stars over the years, it isn't difficult to make the assumption that every one of them had the experience of being the target of her seduction routine. I have seen the mistress at work. It begins with casual, but deliberate touching, which accompanies every conversation. Then, there's always a reason why she pops out of her dressing room in her underwear, as if she hadn't noticed that she isn't wearing her clothes. It's just part of the slow build-up to love scenes that require endless hours of rehearsal. Does she do any movies that don't have love scenes? How clever! It makes the rest of it all so easy.

As an audience, we've accepted the woman as a talented actress with a political conscience. I believe her moral compass is hopelessly skewed. As an actress...? That's for others to decide.

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