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Monday, March 08, 2010  


Like a lot of other citizens, I'm a bit frustrated that our leaders in Congress cannot seem to get anything accomplished at a time, unlike any other time in my life, when the country is so in need of progress and change. Those congressional seats have become more about selling influence, it seems, than doing what's right and expedient. One cannot help but wonder if we've poisoned our own pot with representatives who have just lost their focus. I am beginning to think that I could do this better myself.

These men get themselves elected, and then they seem to flounder when it comes to doing the job. They get distracted by women sometimes. Maybe it's hookers, maybe he has a lover stashed away in another country, maybe some hot babe wants to shoot a documentary about him and ends up having his baby. In any case, not only are these men not doing their jobs, but they are behaving so badly. Yesterday there was a news report that one representative from New York will be resigning in disgrace sometime within the next week or so. His distraction is also sexual, but he prefers men. The whole point is that we can no longer trust that the man you elect will really be there to represent you. Has anyone besides me noticed that the women in Congress are never involved in sex scandals?

Therefore, I am preparing myself to become a candidate. My platform will be BETTER HUSBANDS. Who wouldn't vote for that???

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