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Thursday, May 27, 2010  


I'm here only to pat myself on the back, having suggested after their very first outing, that Derek and Nicole, a real-life Pussycat Doll, would ultimately win the whole deal at DWTS. And so they did. I personally think she should be hired as one of the pros. She's that good. Her lines were perfection, she's strong and so very artistic, not to mention quite beautiful. One of their dances on the last night of the competition brought me to my feet, screaming and gasping, flailing my arms, speechless and positively breathless from their performance. I was truly blown away to the point that I could not stop babbling. That is dance at its most exciting. It's not even that good on Broadway, my friends. Derek's choreography is first rate in any arena. He is gifted as a dancer as well as a choreographer. I could live a hundred years and never forget that dance.

While we're talking, I must add my two cents to the Jesse James-Sandra Bullock tragedy. I'm so sick of hearing despicable people (like Jesse James, for instance) whine and cry about how they were abused, as if it gives them the right to be an abuser. Having been abused myself as a child, I made it my business never to inflict those terrible feelings on anyone, most especially anyone I love. We are all capable of becoming what we choose and it should be remembered that every act performed in life is a choice. No one ever put a gun to Jesse James's head and said he must betray the woman who loved him. Clearly, he doesn't deserve that woman's love. A humiliation on that scale does not deserve forgiveness. Just my opinion......

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