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Sunday, June 20, 2010  


Women have had to fight tooth and nail for equal rights, going all the way back to Susan B. Anthony, who led the masses of women who wanted to vote. Even then, our heroine demanded equal pay for equal work, something we still struggle for. It's no secret that women have had to struggle for all things that men seem to be entitled to with no qualifications beyond their gender.

Last year this struggle appeared to come to a logical conclusion when it seemed almost possible that we would have a woman for president. What a glorious moment in history that was! Close, but no cigar.

Last week that feeling was renewed in me as we were teased and prepped for the possibility that older women could also qualify for equal sexual pleasure. There was talk of a pill. A "pink viagra", so to speak. It turned out to be just that....all talk. When it was time for the "Panel" to decide if women could benefit significantly from this little pink wonder, well......again, close but no cigar.

Ladies, when we get past the rage of the pure discrimination of this decision by the committee, one can't help but imagine the conversation that took place behind this particular closed door. It wouldn't surprise me to know that the panel is composed solely of men caught in their own middle aged sexual crisis who are terrified of the thought that sexually crazed older women will be rioting in the streets, demanding sexual gratification if they were to get their hands on that precious pink pill. Well, we can't have that, we?

What we already know is that the blue viagra causes deafness and blindness, creating a whole generation of dottering, deaf and blind old men with raging erections who wander aimlessly through our neighborhoods. Once again, the inmates are running the asylum. It's time for women to organize, mobilize and DEMAND the ULTIMATE EQUALITY!

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