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Wednesday, November 17, 2010  


I surely don't have to remind my regular readers that I am an advocate of dance in general, but specifically the dance shows on television, "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE" and "DANCING WITH THE STARS".

The competition is quite fierce sometimes, but in the ten or so seasons of "DANCING WITH THE STARS" the winner is generally assumed at some point, because the talent and skill of the dancer who wins is not only obvious, but extraordinary. Except for what appears to be happening now on DWTS.

When Bristol Palin was announced as a contestant, I could barely stifle the audio portion of my outrage and complete dread at having to watch her struggle through to her inevitable defeat. Oh well, we got over Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson and Buzz Aldren. Mostly because their lack of dance ability was quickly assessed by the audience (not to mention the judges) and they were dismissed accordingly. Bristol Palin, in the most astonishing reversal of justice and good judgement has managed to stay in the competition, which is now in its final phase. She is in one of the three couples remaining. The collective shock was obvious to all.

It's one thing to be popular with the audience. It is quite another when the audience is programmed to make a political statement on the behalf of the girl's mother. After all, the viewers have to find a way to overlook the fact that Bristol is nothing more than a lard-assed, heavy-footed, expressionless, talentless, uninteresting imposter. She can't even WALK in rhythm, let alone get those formidable thighs up and moving in time to the music. It is excruciating to watch her. There isn't a shred of talent in the girl. It's equally excruciating to watch her professional partner try to compensate for her total lack of timing and grace. He deserves a medal for his courage and dedication.

If the judges allow her to win this competition, I fear the credibility of the judges and the show itself will be damaged beyond repair. I, for one, will never watch again.

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