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Monday, February 21, 2011  


What would we ever do for fun if it weren't for those frisky Republican congressmen? Another one seems to have stumbled over his male member to embarrass himself and everyone who voted for him. I have to say that it truly amazes me in this technological age that anyone holding public office with even one foot placed in realilty thinks that he can publish his own shirtless image on the internet along with a stupid come-on and it will remain secret. EXCUSE ME???
Without that very basic understanding of real life, how are we to expect that guys like Chirstopher Lee can accomplish even the most simple required duties of a Congressman. Do we all agree that there are NO secrets anymore? Where was this guy when the rest of us embraced the understanding that we are all responsible for our public behavior. Forgive me, but my tolerance for hypocrisy diminishes as I age. Shall we collectively hope that every one of these frivilous party-boy opportunists is yanked out of public office while there is such serious work to be done! Show those bums to the door!

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