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Saturday, March 26, 2011  


Well, my Readers, One can hardly muster up the motivation to write about one of my favorite shows, Dancing With The Stars. Could the format be a bit tired? Has it become too difficult to secure fascinating celebrities? What's the fun without Derek Hough anyway?? After last season's fiasco with Bristol Palin, perhaps some of our previously devoted fans have lost faith in what we all believed was an honest competition. One cannot help but wonder if the person casting the show will still have a job next season, because there certainly seems to be a lack of purpose going on. Just to put it bluntly, how did Wendy Williams get past the inital suggestion that she be a contestant??? There oughta be some BASIC CRITERIA that includes some dance skills, dontcha think, Mr. Producer??? Kirstie Alley might be fat, but she made an impressive showing, nevertheless. Of course, my own personal opinion is that almost any woman is going to look good dancing with the sexy Maksim. I hope she stays on the show long enough to drop another hundred pounds or so. It might turn out to be the only upside to this season's competition.

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