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Thursday, May 12, 2011  


As frustrating as the Republicans can be, they are also always able to provide the laugh-and-gag relfex. The Consumate Hypocrite has declared his intention to run for President.

The thing about Newt Gingrich that negates anything he has to say now is simply a superficial examination of his personal integrity. There are just a few things that say everything about the man. What does it say about a man who dumps not one, but TWO of his wives while they are in the hospital. One having just had breast removal surgery, barely out of the ether and the other suffering from MS. Their recovery was incidental to his agenda. Not one to linger in sorrow or regret, he did the appropriate thing, what any amibitious liar would have done: Got himself a real Hollywood facelift and some lyposuction on that big fat Republican stomach. Then, still following the Slimy Politician Handbook, he married a woman 22 years younger, who had been his legal "assistant" (Washington parlance for "mistress"). What a guy!!

Newt claims that he has seen the light, religiously and morally. He's a reformed liar and serial cheater who wants us to know that he no longer lives the life of that two-faced hypocrite. The one who led the charge against Bill Clinton for his presidential/sexual indiscretions. Newt was the one leading the charge, damning and shaming the president daily, for behavior he himself was conducting at the very same time behind other closed doors. He must have felt so protected and shielded by his hypocrisy. He has apologized for his indiscretions and has the cajones, pardon the expression, to seek the approval of the Religious Right. This is where the laughing and gagging comes in.

Now Newt has apologized to all of us for being a sinner and a hypocrite. Frankly, I think he might be able to impress someone if he could bring himself to apologize publicly to Bill Clinton. Who can forget Newt's "holier-than-thou" attitude? That pompous posturing? He wants us to have compassion for him, an emotion he could not muster up for Clinton OR his two ex-wives, discarded and tossed aside. We've already seen who he is under his thick, freshly rehabilitated
skin. I wonder just how many will be willing to drink THAT kool-ade.

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