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Saturday, June 18, 2011  


I cut my hair very short. After getting over the shock of how it looks, I've started to like the change in my morning routine. It isn't easy to make the commitment to shorten one's hair when we all have been led to believe that it's our hair that makes the difference for each one of us. It's our "crowning glory", right??? Every night on television we are inundated with images of young women with long, thick, flowing, glowing, fabulously highlighted hair. Hair that casts off enough light to guide ships coming in through the fog. Hair that makes men stop dead in their tracks because they can't stop looking at yours.

So what happens to the older woman when her hair just can't sustain a longer, more alluring "do". Does a woman just lose her allure because her hair is short? Is there no time in a woman's life when she is just seen for who she is? It reminds me of a time a few decades ago when I was bragging to my father what a lucky generation mine is for living through such dramatically changing times. No, my father disagreed. He claimed the best decade to be alive was the Thirties. What?? The Great Depression? Everyone was struggling and desperate, right? Yes, he said, no one had any money, so it was all just about who you are.

So, I try to remind myself, especially in the morning when I wake up looking more like a rooster than a human, that the essence of a woman comes from within. Her strength, beauty,
allure, and confidence will live in her with or without her hair. At long last, just being YOU is enough.

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