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Friday, July 22, 2011  


Should a woman believe her husband when he confesses? Some women think a man becomes particularly vulnerable when he appears to be bearing his soul. Don't be fooled, because there's more to this than usually meets the eye. You see, when a man confesses, it's more than likely that he isn't going to embellish, exaggerate, or in any way enhance the details of his transgressions. NO INDEED!!!

More than likely he will busy himself minimizing, dismissing, even hiding details, rather than own the whole sordid mess. He wants to sound sympathetic, understandable, endearing. Especially, of course, because it wasn't really even his fault, after all. In any case, you are
NEVER going to hear the full blown version of his betrayal.

I've developed a formula for how to assess The Confession, and it goes something like this: If a man says that he had an affair, he had five affairs. If a man says he had five affairs, he had twenty five affairs. Are you getting how this works?

So, when my husband confessed after more than two decades of marriage, that he had hundreds of affairs (and I'm quoting him now), "too many to count, too many to remember", I was thinking to myself, "what is the full blown version of that????

Therefore, a grain of salt is what I recommend as most compatible with The Confession, or in my case, a whole freakin' BLOCK of salt.

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