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Saturday, August 13, 2011  


Oh, my Readers!! It's starting to feel a bit repetitive, but here we are again....yet another Republican Congressman who can't keep it in his pants. How exasperating!

Let's identify the culprit. His name is Philip Henkle. He is the Republican representative from Indiana. He will be remembered not only for this indiscretion, but for the fact that he voted for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage across the country. He also sponsored in his home state, a license plate which says "In God We Trust", just to make the point that he is a Christian. This is a man in conflict with himself.

His hypocrisy reveals itself in what we know about this incident. He published an email offering $140 for an evening in a hotel and "a real good time" to a young underage man. No matter what happens now, we should be making just two significant observations: No. 1, who in their right mind would be thinking at this stage of the game that these public displays of sexual dysfunction will remain secret? And No. 2, Our country is falling apart at the seams. Why is he diddling around (pardon the expression!) when there is such serious work to be done?

Anyway, $140 doesn't buy all that much these days.

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