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Friday, August 05, 2011  


Now that the dust has settled, I can take my turn to render an opinion of the political fiasco our
nation has just survived. Along with most other Americans I talk to, I am thoroughly disgusted by what I saw and heard. Since I do not qualify, I will not even try to negotiate the right and wrong of it all. I am, however, left with a question in my mind:

Where are the Tip O'Neills, the Sam Ervins, the Adlai Stevensons, the Harry Trumans???? They were public servants. They weren't cosmetic robotic candidates. They weren't cosmetic in any way. Do you remember what those men looked like? Like your uncle or Grandpa. Seems to me that the political parties have all of a sudden produced a small army of good looking candidates, some of whom use their looks to create some of their most despicable deeds. And these same guys just don't sound like public servants. They just sound like guys who are making some good (and some bad) career moves. They've all been to media school. It's almost like they answered a casting call, were given a script and just keep repeating their lines.

Another problem I have is my suspicion (validated on occasion) that a lot of these guys are there to serve only ONE purpose and that is to protect the big business who put them there. That could be one of the biggest reasons we got into this mess in the first place. Every one of them has to cover the asses of their benefactors and they don't know or care about the rest of it. There is no other way to explain their ignorance of the traditi0n, decorum and respect the old dogs showed each other, even when they disagreed. It just smacked of integrity.

Tell us again, Harry, where does the buck stop these days??

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