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Monday, August 15, 2011  


A terrible mistake has occurred and since I'm one of the people who started this conversation about the Cougar, I feel compelled to get this straight.

The concept of the olderwoman/youngerman is not so new. Research can trace
bedroom statistics all the way back to Queen Elizabeth I. Lord Essex was barely half her age when she, at fifty, lured him into her bedroom chamber. Alas, he did not fill his role properly, which is Olde English for he ultimately bored her. He was ultimately beheaded. Oh, it is GOOD to be Queen!!

The whole point, my friends, is that the word "older" is key. Not just older than a twenty-year old, but older in the way that means you are finally free of the reproductive cycle that has dominated your journey as a woman. One of the things I'm sure that is so alluring about the older woman in bed is that she makes love with total abandon. That has as much to do with her reproductive cycle as it does with her technique and experience between the sheets.

And how does this apply to Courtney Cox? Her television show was written around the concept of the older woman/younger man phenom, but the concept has been skewed for all of their twisted network necessities, including the youthful glamour of their star, who in real life, is a young mother of a four year old.

I rest my case.

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