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Sunday, September 18, 2011  


Remember in the sixties when our motto was "Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty"? A whole generation of us were influenced by the social revolution emanating from the streets of San Francisco. Youth was chic and love was happening on every street corner. They were wearing flowers in their hair, dropping drugs, and changing sexual rules and behavior. We started dressing like them, singing their songs, imitating their lives and learning to love one another. Even though the "Hippie" moment passed, we were all forever changed.

The next big social revolution came when the gay culture exploded into the mainstream. Again, our brilliant revolutionaries were the citizens of San Francisco. The story of Harvey Milk made a stunning and uplifting movie a few years ago, when gays not only burst forth from the closet, but started to marry each other. We've come to expect that what happens in San Francisco will soon be happening in your neighborhood.

So, it is with a tentative sense of acceptance that I view the newest revolution taking place in our revered and adored city by the bay. The citizens have taken up nudity. Not in the way you would think, but in a much more casual, much less artistic way. And worse yet, it appears to be led by those of my own age group, those same valiant soldiers of social reform who have now become The Seniors. They are shedding their clothes, walking the streets, sitting on park benches, playing chess, taking some sun. NAKED. Interestingly enough, nudity itself is not against the law. It's only against the law if a man becomes aroused. I'm not sure if this is revolution or pollution.

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