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Wednesday, September 21, 2011  


Well, Readers, the first episode of this season's DWTS has come and gone. We've all probably figured out who the real contenders are. Perhaps the plural here is an overstatement. This is truly the most lackluster group of competitors so far. For me, the only really interesting competition will take place between Maksim and his brother, who is one of the pros this season. He doesn't quite have the sex appeal of the fabulous and dynamic Maks, but he dances beautifully. And there's always Derek Hough, who never disappoints me with his amazing dancing skills, and his choreography is always so very inventive. Not difficult to watch, either. Shockingly, Nancy Grace remains in the competition, but not for long, I hope. I feel sorry for the young man assigned to haul her around the dance floor. No small job, for sure.

Our first loser was Ron Artest, the Lakers basketball player. A lot of athletes have come and gone in this
show. Some even win. For me, it's a stretch, because mostly I'm so surprised they can learn to dance at
all, that it gives undue credibility to the attempt. This might also be said about Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono.

In the end, I think the evening can best be summed up by a remark from one of the judges: "All sizzle, no sausage."

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