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Tuesday, September 06, 2011  


The current list of so-called celebrities has been announced for the coming season of DANCING WITH THE STARS. Oh, my Readers! I am not just disappointed, I am fearful.

As I cruised the list, desperately looking for a genuine celebrity, my jaw continued to drop as I realized that one of our contestants' sole claim to fame is that she SLEPT WITH A MOVIE STAR! . One transgender and one gay man. Who do they dance with? As for Nancy Grace......if they don't pair her up with the dynamic and strong-willed Maksim, who in the world is going to be able to LEAD her?? And yet another Kardashian. This one without breasts OR a fat ass. What fun is THAT??

Nevertheless, I will be watching and hoping for the best. I think it's important to support all the dance shows, as they offer the perfect alternative to crime, golf, weight loss and ....(the ultimate ick) REALITY.

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