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Wednesday, October 05, 2011  


Dancing With The Stars has lost its allure for good. It is now hopelessly obvious that the judging of the show is no longer about the dancing in any way, not that we didn't get the point while suffering through the dances of Bristol Palin. The scores are delivered by the judges. The winners are determined by the public. Clearly, this is where things are going wrong for all of us. However, as a Producer, I would be very aware of the value
of having Cher, mother of Chaz Bono, show up in my audience. It was mentioned so many times last night, that I am certain it should be expected next week. Nevertheless, her son/daughter can't dance even a little bit and I am offended for last night's loser, who was surely, not only in my opinion but that of the judges, a contender for the finals.

Myself having been the victim of a competition that was rigged, I relate to the shock, disappointment and feeling of being betrayed. The three dancers with the lowest scores deserved their rating by the judges. All three of them moved forward to next week's competition, having garnered the approval of the public. I refuse to challenge even my limited vocabulary trying to understand or criticize the taste of the general public. What is there to do but appreciate the good dancing as it comes, and hope that the winner is not the object of a political statement, but simply the best dancer on the floor.

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