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Saturday, November 19, 2011  


I've always respected Demi Moore...not so much as an actress, but more for some of her personal choices: the
astonishing pregnant nude cover for Vanity Fair (the first of its kind) , shaving her head to play a woman in the armed forces, maintaining a public and personal truce with her ex-husband in order to help her children cope with the dissolution of the family, and marrying a popular, appealing and talented man sixteen years her junior, making her everyone's favorite Cougar.

It's old news already that her husband betrayed her in the most offensive, careless and indiscreet way, shaming her and himself in the process. So, here we are again, in what will become known as the "Tiger Woods Moment".

These poor, famous men! Can't a guy cheat on his wife with a sleazy trashy slut or porn star or hooker party girl without having to be accountable like the rest of us? Our technological advances seem to have made that impossible in today's world. Not like it was in the seventies when my ex-husband was a little famous and could score with the same category of party girl and keep it secret until he CHOSE to make his confessions.

Who is to blame for these outrages?? Our precious and adorable celebs (although completely lacking in personal integrity), or those vicious cell phone cameras that can capture a life-changing mistake for the world to share? My kingdom for a faithful celebrity!!

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