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Wednesday, March 14, 2012  


Oh, my readers!! My jaw has dropped so many times I've had to install a hinge. What has become of our men??? Or, more appropriately, what has become of our RIGHTS as women and citizens? By the way, what year is it???

Forget about trying to decide who should be our President. Our conversation now is about how to sustain women's rights. There are some who would prefer that women be stripped of their rights as well as their clothes. Let them fill the air waves with the stupidity of their suggestions about whether or not women have the right to decide for their own bodies. We do have weapons, ladies. Our weapon is a right we also had to fight for, as if we don't occupy the same space and breathe the same air as the men in this country. We still have the right to vote, and ladies, now is the time to use your vote to speak your mind and express our collective outrage.

Tell them on the campaign trail that we will NOT allow these men to decide when, how, or IF we choose to have or not have sex, children or procedures that facilitate any of the previous. Our human-rights Genie is way too far out of the bottle to be stuffed back into a time when American women had no voice, no say in their own medical choices and no vote. This backwards march is nothing more than an effort to treat women like slaves who do as they are told and are not allowed to think for themselves. I have the feeling that some of these men would not object to requiring American women to wear the burka, another way of stifling our identity and our abilities and sweeping us aside as if we are unworthy to participate in our own futures.

I urge every woman who reads my words to exercise her right to object to what some men are trying to impose on our lives. Let them know with your vote that you will not be bullied, and you will not be deprived of your right to make your own medical choices. And while you're at it, give some thought to the suggestion that men be required to undergo psychiatric evaluation before they can get a prescription for Viagra.

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