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Monday, May 07, 2012  


For years now, I have been sampling and recommending  various products for my women readers who have expressed a need for ways to minimize those pesky vertical wrinkles that collect on our chests.  Of course, my
immediate suggestion is to sleep on your back.  Some people, myself included, find that a difficult task for one reason or another.  I religiously apply lotions, creams and ointments of various consistency on my chest twice a day, morning and night.  Some work better than others, but usually I am chasing those vertical
scars day to day.  I never seem to be able to create a smooth surface of any duration.  Well, stop the presses!!  Our prayers have finally been answered by a product known as Breast SOS.  This appropriately
named revolution comes in a tiny jar with a dropper.  It's SO powerful, they don't want you to use too much!  The company is known as La Isha.  It's available both at and Sephora.  Bring out those
scoop neck dresses!

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