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Saturday, June 23, 2012  

When I married my ex-husband in 1972, I was thirty years old and he was thirty-two.  I was born in 1942. I have never lied about my age because I'm proud of my age.  The Ex was born in 1940. It said so on his Birth Certificate.

Recently, I saw a print interview my ex-husband gave that contained some biographical information about him, including the year of his birth, which he now claims was 1942, making him 69 years old. But that's MY age. If he's 69, wouldn't that make me 67?? Alas, by all accounts, I am on the verge of turning 70.  It says so on my Birth Certificate.

What do you say about a man who lies about his age at 72? Is it the vanity that offends, or is it just another example of a liar who continues to rewrite the truth?

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