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Tuesday, August 21, 2012  


I have tried to be fair, objective and open-minded in this current political season.  Alas, my dear Readers, I have lost the ability to look the other way while women's rights have once again been threatened by our Republican candidates.  I almost said that I am at a loss for words, but we all know that rarely happens and most certainly NOT when some candidates reveal their plans to shove women back into the closet, deprive them of their equal rights and the ability to choose how their bodies function.  Once again, I am
compelled to ask the question:  WHAT YEAR IS IT???

The gentleman running for the office of Vice President of the United States voted to exclude women from
earning equal pay for equal work.  He wants to make abortion a felony, both for the person who performs the abortion and for the woman who seeks it.  He wants to OUTLAW invitro fertilization.  One of his fellow
Republicans is suggesting that women's bodies reject the sperm of rapists, and don't allow themselves to become pregnant in an unwanted sexual exchange. Therefore, abortion after rape is not necessary.  He claims to have learned this tidbit from a doctor. OMG!!

Once again, I am victim of a jaw-dropping shock wave that has rendered me speechless (almost!)  The notion that women must once again FIGHT for their equal rights as citizens of this beloved country is
an outrage that cannot be tolerated.  I urge all women reading this post to activate your challenge to
any and all candidates who do not consider women worthy of earning equal pay, deciding for their own
bodies, and claiming the appropriate remedy for being raped.  Do not be silent.  Your vote is your voice.  It's your only hope for saving the freedom and equality that women have had to struggle for every single step along the way.  You must not allow THEM to decide for you.

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