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Thursday, October 25, 2012  


I know for a fact that I have some male readers and followers and I thank each of you for your bravery and indulgence. In this moment, I am speaking, no, pleading with my women readers to give some consideration to your responsibility as a woman to help and support each other. Right now, that package of support comes in the form of your vote.

Ladies, our equal rights, which we fought so long and hard to earn, are threatened here and now in the twenty-first century. We are on the brink of an election which could end up costing you the right to make your own choices regarding your body and your decision to have or not to have a child.  Are you ready to allow the men in Congress to decide for you?

The Republican candidates are poised to put women back "in their place", and we know just what they mean by that. You will see the end of equal pay for equal work. Worse even, is allowing them to legislate their religious beliefs to include us all. This is not the Republican party I remember, but nevertheless, these men are their candidates.

I urge you to vote for our President. He believes in you and your right to choose for yourself. He wants you to be the best version of yourself.   The version you want to be. It's your right to make that choice. It's your responsibility to cast your vote.

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