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Monday, October 01, 2012  


OK, so another certified member of the Tiger Woods Bad Husband Club,  our ex-Governor/movie star/weightlifter, Arnold Schwartzenegger.  Clearly, his biceps are not the only muscle he likes to flex in public.  Not that his wife hasn't already suffered enough humiliation when the story surfaced that Arnold fathered a child with the family Housekeeper, but now he has written a book all about that and his numerous other infidelities, including the names of the women who participated in the ongoing betrayal
of his wife and family. The shock on Leslie Stahl's face was obvious as he smugly admitted all of the above, passing it off with a shrug and the staggering justification "I'm not perfect" .  I'm sure he was paid
handsomely for this admission, all of which makes him just plain CREEPY.

I have a theory that men never really come all-the-way-clean when they are confessing. For instance if a
man says he had an affair, he probably had three or five affairs.  And if he says he had five affairs, it's more likely that he had fifteen or every twenty affairs.  In any case, you can be relatively certain that you are
never going to hear the full blown version of his secret.  So when my husband David confessed to having
had "hundreds"  of affairs, I found myself wondering what is the full-blown version of THAT??  I guess
there are just some things you don't want to know.

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