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Saturday, November 03, 2012  


According to  MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE, the way a woman walks is one of the top four reasons a man falls in love with her.  This is validation of a theme I express to women.  The way you carry yourself says
everything about you. An older woman who can keep her back and shoulders straight gives off an aura of
confidence, something men find irresistible.  After all, what can possibly be more alluring than a woman who is comfortable in her skin and knows who she is.  A woman who is unsure of herself will often round her shoulders and allow the spine and stomach to slump. This is the posture that will lead to that pesky and unsexy hump that might then grow on her back.  Ladies, that is one hump you DON'T want.

Here's your new mantra:  NO SLUMP, NO HUMP. Start your day by lining up your back and shoulders.
Put yourself against the wall, first the heels, then the tush, followed by the shoulders and the head. Stay
there for at least 30 seconds, breathing deeply. When you have the feeling of being in line with yourself, walk forward, remembering how it feels to be straight so that you can return to that alignment anytime
during the day that you notice yourself slumping.

Check out your profile in the mirror before and after. Notice how flat your stomach looks when you are
in line. That alone should cure you from slumping. Just think! You can look five to ten pounds lighter
just by standing up straight. That's how easy it is. Throw that newly found confidence into your walk
and take note of how you are being noticed.

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