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Thursday, February 27, 2014  


My Dear Readers, Followers and Supporters,

As I look back on my blog history, I am amused and occasionally embarrassed by my own point of view.  There is, however, a lot to be said for passion. I have been passionate about the older woman and all her issues since I turned 60, well into my "middle age".

Today, however, brings me to a new point in my journey. Since I have passed the fifty and sixty milestones in my life, it feels like the right time to create a new conversation.  Two years ago, I turned seventy. YIKES!!  This brings up a whole new set of issues and things to discuss, does it not? Seventy is not included when we refer to "middle age". No, indeed!  I have entered the mysterious "end of the line" in terms of any reasonable expectations for a youthful existence.  Not so, my darlings! Being
"elderly" is not the end of anything.

Perhaps this is the right time to announce to you, my dear readers and fans, that I am preparing a new book in partnership with my fiance, Nick Nickolas.  Its title is Sexy At Any Age. In the near future you will find a new website, with new information and new subjects open for conversation. consideration and hopefully, a few laughs.  Until then, I'd like to invite every one of you to visit our preliminary page on Facebook:  SexyAtAnyAge.  Give us a "like"!

This will be my last blog here on this website, but I'm hoping every one of you who reads this will join me and Nick Nickolas soon at so we can pick up our new conversation. We're going to redefine what it means to be sexy at seventy! I look forward to our future!

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